I'm Amanda, the accidental artist, simple life seeker, and part-time wanderer. I live on the beautiful northeast coast of North Carolina with my husband Dave, our three wildlings, and our golden doodle fur baby.

Almost two years ago, we bought a 109 year old farmhouse between two old glorious trees. We've spent the last year bringing this place back to life including creating my current art studio on the old sleeping porch. I get to do what I love here everyday because of the support of awesome folks like yourself. Whether it's paint or dirt, I ascribe to the theology of getting your hands dirty.

Around here, I believe in loving like Jesus and making room at the table. It's far from perfect. There are clothes on the floor and weeds in the garden. But I'm chasing the

joy in the mundane as hard as I can. No matter what brought you here, welcome. I'm so grateful that you are joining me between the trees.

Artist Statement

"My art, much like myself, is a story of a place. Eastern North Carolina leaves her mark on everything that I create. Each painting reflects how I see the rustic beauty found in the wild marshes and still waters that have surrounded me my entire life. Whether abstract or realistic, I'm fascinated with trying to capture what I see and feel here both past and present. From rust dyeing with decoy weights to color palettes that match the coastlines, I am forever chasing the story she is trying to tell."